Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maple Bacon Sundae (Food)

It almost looks appetizing.

It seems like bacon is everywhere now-a-days.  One of my favorite things to put on sandwiches, wrap scallops in, put in salads, and accompany breakfast, now finds its way into ice cream with Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae.  This concoction is composed of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and hickory smoked bacon. mine looked.
How it should look...
As far as presentation goes, I guess that just depends on which Denny's you go to, or how enthusiastic the person waiting on you is.  My sundae (which very much seemed like a Monday), was a bit of a let down when compared to whats on menu and even other pictures posted by people online.  It is supposed to have a layer of syrup, then ice cream, followed by more syrup with bacon, then more ice cream, and finally topped with bacon and drizzled with syrup.  Mine looked like a disaster.  The bacon was all on the top, the syrup was thrown in the sundae all willy-nilly, and the two scoops could not even fill the glass.  It looked as if I was served someone else's leftovers.

The taste was comparable to watching "The Situation" roast Donald Trump. Sure, you would not expect much, but it was still uncomfortable.  When you get a good mix of the three ingredients, the maple syrup completely masks the flavor of the vanilla with an odd consistency because of the bacon bits.  They add a bit of saltiness and it seems like I got them from different batches.  Some of them were crispy and others where mushy; this added an inconsistent texture to my dessert.  I really had to struggle to finish it.

It was just as painful to eat as it is to look at.
A friend of mine had a different opinion of it.  She liked it.  Not only did she say she would order it again, she said she would try to make it at home.  She also suggested that it would be better with chocolate ice cream. Granted, the chocolate ice cream would be a stronger flavor then the vanilla so it would have a greater presence in the sundae overall; however, it is still a Maple Bacon Sundae, and it would still be pretty awful.  I would not recommend this to anyone no matter how great their love for bacon is.

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