Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weinergate (Political)

The twitt-o-sphere is
a cruel mistress. 
What does it take to be remembered in the demanding, bi-partisan political atmosphere that we live in these days?  It probably takes one to advocate for women's rights, stand up against wars overseas, or perhaps expand healthcare for all Americans.  Well...perhaps not, I haven't heard TMZ report on any of those lately.  Unfortunately, Weiner found out that the only thing he'll be remembered for has a lot to do with his last name.

Anthony Weiner has been involved with sexting and tweeting pictures of his member of Congress to various women.  Who could blame him though?  You can't be a woman's advocate if you're not a fan of the ladies, can you?  At first, Weiner denied all accusations and boldly blamed hackers for the tweets.  He would claim that he doesn't have time to let a minor set back control his political career and that he just wanted to move past the prank.  However, days later more information became apparent which lead to Anthony Weiner's admittance and apology; however, he decided to stay the course and not resign.

Weiner is known for sticking it to the man...and Twitter.
Two things came of over-blown debacle (yeah sure, you could call that innuendo), the first being that Weiner went back on his word and caved into political pressure.  He did, in fact, resign.  What a load of crap.  The man had nothing to be ashamed of.  Its not like he was being creepy, from my understanding the women he sent the pics to didn't object to the attention.  They were his fans.  Weiner turned the political landscape into rock-star-dom and that is what rock-stars do, they become sex symbols.  All joking aside, Weiner did his job well or at the very least more-so than most other members of this countries political atmosphere.  Who cares if he showed off his man parts to willing women?  Then again, haters gunna hate, and other fellow politicians (I'm sure the majority were the oldest and dustiest ones) who hadn't had the chance to have their own scandals yet called for his outing.

This is actually the opening to his first
staring role in a porno.
The other thing that came out of this is a job offer.  Larry Flynt offered Weiner a job in pornography.  This kills two birds with one stone.  First, finally his name could be used where its supposed to be.  To have that name and not work in porn should be a crime.  Second, its a job.  Unfortunately, Weiner has worked in politics for so long he may not be aware that for many Americans, finding a job is actually hard.  To be an average Joe these days means to only earn less than $50,000 dollars a year.  A far cry from making over $150,000 dollars a year.  A gig in porn maybe an offer to keep up his congressman lifestyle.  Plus, he'll actually get to have sex with women (something that he forgot to do during his non-sex scandal).

Congressman Weiner was a decent politician.  So he has marital problems, many people in this country have them.  To make members of the government these moral pedestals is silly to say the least.  We all know right from wrong so as adult we shouldn't need a shining example.  Weiner was active in congress which is a lot more than can be said for many other members of higher office that constantly take vacations, days off, religious holidays, or go on golfing trips.  Members the Executive, Political, and Legislative Branches of government try their best to do as little as possible until something like this arises, that is when they'll finally get off their asses to do what politicians do best, smear and waste time.

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